The Guys (2017)

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Synopsis : The Guys (2017) Indonesian Movie tells about the life of a young man named Alfi (Raditya Dika). He has a gebetan named Via who always ignores Alfi’s love.

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Do not want to continue to hurt, Alfi immediately replace the target after being acquainted with Amira (Pevita Pearce), who is none other than his office friend. Since Alfi began to close with Amira, Via again came Via who tried to approach Alfi.

Nevertheless, Alfi had decided round to pursue Amira love. One day he got a dinner invitation with the Amira family.

Alfi was shocked to learn that Amira was the son of Mr. Jeremy (Tarzan) who was Alfi’s boss in the office. He was getting nervous and ended up damaging some of Mr. Jeremy’s collectibles.

Problems arise when Pak Jeremy fell in love with Alfi’s mother. If they get married, then Alfi no chance at all to get love Amira.

For that he struggled to get involved with Amira first. Alfi assisted his friends who always faithful to support the struggle of his love.

Can Alfi get the love of the woman he has long been a crush? Then, how the relationship of Mr. Jeremy and his mother Alfi?

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance
Release : April 13, 2017 (Indonesia)
Director : Raditya Dika
Stars : Raditya Dika, Pevita Pearce, Tarzan, Indra Jegel, Pongsiree Bunluewon, Widyawati, Marthino Lio
Rating :  PG-13
Production Co : Soraya Intercine Films