The Case of Christ (2017)

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Synopsis : The Case of Christ (2017) tells the true story of an investigative journalist named Lee Strobel. He just got a promotion at the Chicago Tribune after winning the award for an investigative report.

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Lee really enjoy life and his success. But he was disturbed when he knew his wife began to believe in Christ.

During this time Lee is a ateis.dia then use the ability to make payments related investigations divinity Jesus Christ.

The deeper Lee conducted an investigation, his wife was more in faith in Jesus Christ.

He tried to pit the ability to think atheist but his wife faith continues to grow. Lee wants his wife also being an atheist like him.

But increasingly in Lee’s search for the truth of the Christian faith, he increasingly found the truth that keeps him in a dilemma.

What should Lee do to cope with it all? Could he find the real truth?

Genre : Drama
Release : April 21, 2017 (USA)
Director : Jon Gunn
Stars : Faye Dunaway, Mike Vogel, Robert Forster, Brett Rice, Frankie Faison, Robert Forster, Mike Pniewski, Erika Christensen
Rating : R
Production Co : Pure Flix Entertainment