Stip & Pencil (2017)

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Synopsis : Stip & Pencil (2017) Indonesian Movie tells about Toni (Ernest Prakasa), Bubu (Tatjana Saphira), Saras (Indah Permatasari), Aghi (Ardit Erwandha). They are rich kids who get enemies in school.

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Arrogant attitude, songong and quasi-jok that’s what makes them difficult to get friends hanging out. As a result, only four of them are friends.

One day Pak Adam (Pandji Pragiwaksono) gave them an essay assignment on the social issues surrounding them. Instead of working on the essay, they actually make it into a more real action. They set up a special school for poor children under the bridge in Jakarta.

Toni, Bubu, Saras and Aghi are very confident if their school will be very successful. But all is not as they imagine.

There are many challenges and obstacles that they face, ranging from the absence of children who want to learn, also obstacles from the head scavenger tribe named Mr. Toro (Arie Kriting).

The four were then assisted by an ugly boy named Ucok (Iqbal Sinchan) who always blackmail them. However, Mak Rambe (Gita Bhebhita) does not agree if Ucok his son went to school there.

These obstacles turned out to be a mockery for Toni et al at school. They are underestimated school friends because of the intentions of showing off but fail.

But all that does not make Toni et al surrender. They continue to fight for the realization of the free school.

Can they make their dreams come true for poor children under the bridge to go to school? How did the end of their struggle end?

Genre : Comedy, Drama
Release : April 19, 2017 (Indonesia)
Director : Ardy Octaviand
Stars : Ernest Prakasa, Tatjana Saphira, Indah Permatasari, Ardit Erwandha,  Arie Kriting, Aditya Alkatiri, Rangga Azof, Gita Bhebhita,  Iqbal Sinchan
Rating : PG-13
Production Co : MD Pictures