Synopsis: Jakarta Undercover (2017) tells the story of a journalist named Pras (Oka Antara) who works in a news magazine. […]

Synopsis: Aftermath (2017) retells the true story of a man named Roman (Arnold Schwarzenegger). Everyday he worked as a construction […]

Synopsis: London Love Story 2 (2017) tells the story of Caramel (Michele Ziudith) very happy because Dave (Dimas Anggara) gave […]

Synopsis: Baracas (2017) tells of a youth association called Barisan Anti Cinta (Bahasa Indonesia) or Baracas. Baracas name went viral […]

Synopsis: The Boss Baby (2017) tells the story of a boy of 7 years named Tim. This cute boy has […]

Synopsis: Perfect Dream (2017) tells the story of a man named Dibyo very ambitious. The hard life on the streets […]

Synopsis: Trinity, The Nekad Traveler (2017) tells the story of a girl who like traveling named Trinity (Maudy Ayunda). Because […]