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Download Film Surat Kecil untuk Tuhan (2017)

Surat Kecil untuk Tuhan (2017)

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Surat Kecil untuk Tuhan (2017) tells the story of the miserable life of the two kaka, Anton and Angel. Both are orphans.

For a daily meal, Angel and Anton had to work hard to beg on the streets. They are caught in a criminal group that exploits abandoned children to beg.

One time Angel had an accident. When he woke up, he was already in the hospital. Angel is very sad because apart with her brother Anton.

15 years later Angel grows into a beautiful woman. She now lives in Sydney thanks to her excellent adoptive family.

In the land of Kangaroos he met a handsome doctor named Martin (Joe Taslim). Both fell in love and decided to get married.

But the feeling of her past as a child continues to haunt Angel. Before marriage Angel decided to return to Jakarta to find her brother Anton.

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Language: Bahasa Indonesia

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