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Download Film Multiverse: The 13th Step (2017)

Multiverse: The 13th Step (2017)

Quality: Year: Duration: 110 MinView: 195 views

Multiverse: The 13th Step (2017) tells of a young man named Farrel who just moved with his family to a new home. Farrel really enjoyed the atmosphere of the new house.

After a few days in the house he got an SMS from a girl who claimed to be Nadia. Since that day Farrel and Nadia are often associated via SMS.

Despite having never met directly, Farrel had fallen in love with Nadia. This made him so long to meet Nadia.

One day Farrel and his friends were exploring the basement under which many of the previous homeowners had left.

Farrel was shocked that he found some facts about the house Nadia had once lived in. But in fact Nadia has been declared disappeared for a long time.

The strange event made Farrel curious. For him and his friends do a search on the figure of Nadia. But they never know what will happen next.

How to ending this story? Will Farrel meet Nadia?

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Language: Bahasa Indonesia

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