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Download Film Indonesia Mantan (2017) Full Movie

Mantan (2017)

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Mantan (2017) tells of the life of a young man named Adi. She works as a special writer of romantic articles.

Adi is now engaged. But he is still a dilemma to get married. There are some problems that block the heart, one of which is about the ex.

He then decided to make a long journey to meet his ex-scattered in several cities in Indonesia. Adi just wants to ask their opinion if the woman he will marry is a right choice.

Adi first went to Bandung to visit his ex-named Daniella who was married. The meeting brought a story for Adi.

He then traveled to Jogja to meet Frida. Former this one is a woman Bandung but chose to leave Jogja after his father was involved in corruption cases.

After meeting Frida, Adi continued his adventure to Bali to meet Juliana. Formerly Julianan is a girlfriend of his own friend but Adi selingkuhi.

The meeting with Juliana continues to Tara who is also in Bali. Tara is now a successful hotelier on the Island of the Gods.

Meeting him with some of his ex it gives Adi a picture if his current fiancé is a suitable match for him. He then decided to return to Jakarta.

Adi accidentally met with Deedee at Jakarta airport. Deedee is also a former lover of Adi.

Somehow the meeting gave a special color for Adi and Deedee. Then, will Adi marry his fiancee? Or will he again choose another woman from his past?

Tagline: Saat masa lalu kembali
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Language: Bahasa Indonesia

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