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Download FilmAlien: Covenant (2017) Full Movie

Alien: Covenant (2017)

Year: Duration: 122 MinView: 139 views
820 votes, average 6.1 out of 10

Alien: Convenant (2017) Movie tells of a spaceship looking for a new planet for a new residence.

In their journey they see a planet that they consider heaven. But it turns out they are wrong, the planet is very creepy and there is a creature like a monster that inhabits the planet.

Therefore, the aircraft carrying the colony immediately left the planet because of the threat they received.

Alien: Convenant is the sixth film of the alien film series. The last time it was produced in 2012 under the title Prometheus.

Tagline: The path to paradise begins in hell.
Cast: , , , ,
Country: , , , ,
Language: English
Budget: $ 97.000.000,00

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